Landscape Design

Landscape Design

A carefully crafted landscape design is only possible with the help of professional landscape designers. Luckily, residents of South Carolina have Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape to do the job. Our company is one of the most reliable landscape contractors in the state serving Irmo and other major cities in South Carolina.

Landscape Design by Bryan's

A well-designed landscape gives a unique identity to your home or business. This can be achieved only if the designers are well-acquainted with the various aspects of landscape designing. Before we begin the landscape design, an actual assessment of the area is performed and a continuous collaboration with the client is ensured.

Our company has been creating landscape designs since 1987. Back then, we could only create the traditional hand-drawn blue print. Today, with the gift of 3D imaging, we can finally render a very realistic foresight of the area and you can see the beautiful changes in the landscape.

Landscape Design

We aim to create a landscape design that is flawlessly perfect. It is inevitable that clients will want revisions on the plan to suit their personal taste or to give it their personal touch. This is not a problem because being an expert landscape company in South Carolina, we know that revision is part of the normal process. Go ahead and revise the plan however you want to. After all, we are not here to satisfy ourselves. We make 3D landscape designs for your satisfaction.

We strongly recommend that our clients browse our Portfolio to see how our landscape designs come to life. You might have seen some of our creations already. They were featured in local publications like the Columbia Metropolitan and MidlandBiz magazines. We are also a proud recipient of Belgard's Award for Excellence. Many of our landscape designs and installation projects were featured in Belgard's hardscape catalog and their TV commercials.

Landscape Design Theme

Landscape Design

Installing or renovating a landscape is not easy. With the various designs available, choosing one could be confusing. But worry not because we at Bryan's will help you decide on the most appropriate landscape design theme for your property.

You can pick the formal landscape design for a clean, sleek yard, inspired by straight and perfect geometrical shapes. If this is the exact opposite of your style, then the perfect for you is an informal landscape, which is an anything-goes type of theme. Tuscan and Italian style share the same ambiance-elegance and old world. These themes use stones, wood, wrought iron, and old bricks. The only difference is that the Italian style uses more plants than hardscaping elements.

If you love summer and spring, then you'll also love the Mediterranean, Asian, and tropical style. They are inspired by the beach, forest, and nature, therefore perfect for a nature-loving home. Contemporary style should be your choice if you prefer clean but bold patterns and the use of vinyl, aluminum, and other modern materials.

Choose a landscape design that is most comfortable for you. If it can make you proud, then it's the one. Don't worry if everything seems confusing for you. Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape is here to help you have the perfect landscape design.