Landscape Carpentry

Landscape Carpentry

Landscape carpentry is not a new concept, but a revived style of landscaping. The use of stones, pavers, concrete, and similar materials has recently dominated landscape design that the use of wood has been left behind. Nevertheless, it is a fact that wooden structures in a landscape give that classic and warm country feel. This is nostalgic by itself, reminding everyone of the simpler yet happier life of the past. With Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape, all the best landscape carpentry can be added to your existing landscape.

Landscape Carpentry Creations

The increasing desire for outdoor living spaces has boosted the demand for landscape carpentry. Finally, arbors, gazebos, pergolas, and decks can have a special place around the landscape. Welcome your guests to a beautiful garden with a long pergola. It's great for supporting climbing and flowering plants. Walking under a bougainvillea-covered walkway will certainly make every entrance and exit a royal experience. A trellis may not provide a dramatic entrance for the garden, but it will definitely make a good background and support to various plants in the garden.

Landscape Carpentry

Landscape carpentry also provides a cozy arbor and gazebo. What makes them extra special is the skeleton-looking structure. This structure lets the soft sunshine in while blocking the unbearable heat. It also invites the soft breeze while blocking gusty wind. With these qualities and functions, arbors and gazebos are definitely the perfect living space for any garden or plant-filled landscape.

Decks are also constructed with landscape carpentry. They provide a great place to have a weekend barbeque party or a soothing escape to just sit and relax after a stressful day at work.

Wood is perfect for a beach access pathway or for building a simple deck to a pool to create that country-river feel. Other landscape additions possible with carpentry are small wooden bridges over a pond, stairs, planters, plant boxes, and wheelchair access. Of course, never forget the wooden fence that can elegantly separate areas like your property from the neighborhood or the swimming pool from the playground.

Perfect Wood for Landscape Carpentry

Landscape Carpentry

Hardwood often equals durable landscape carpentry. This type of wood is very durable and hard-wearing, perfect for decks, docks, and other heavy-traffic surfaces. Meanwhile, softwood often equals flexibility on design. But even though it is called "softwood," this material is still durable, making it perfect for pergolas, trellis, and fences.

Any type of wood will be perfect for landscape carpentry. That is, if the wood is properly treated. Wood that has never undergone the correct treatment will be prone to termite attacks and wearing out. At Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape, we ensure that every wood we use is properly treated to keep termites away and ensure that these are suited for carpentry works.

Carpentry Works by Bryan's

Our company has been building woodworks around the landscape for decades. Landscape carpentry is one of our specialties. Besides having the best people and equipment for the job, we also use the best wood that will surely last forever. Check out our Portfolio and see our past works. Turn your yard into a welcoming and warm landscape with our creative and certainly durable landscape carpentry.