Brick & Stone Masonry

Brick & Stone Masonry

Every South Carolina landscape deserves the special touch of brick and stone masonry. As opposed to the usual construction, masonry is a durable and classy form of construction material. This is done by laying down individual units of bricks, stones, tile, cast stone, limestone, concrete block and granite to form a solid, compact surface that can last a lifetime. The Roman Coliseum is one of the many surviving masonry works of the ancient world and this has lasted for centuries. Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape is proud to bring similar high-end construction to any residential and commercial landscape in the state.

Added Prestige with Brick and Stone Masonry

It really adds a sense of prestige when you have masonry works around your landscape. Bricks and stones are rare, thus costing more. Plus, brick installation and stone installation require a trained craftsman. Our company is proud to have expert masonry artists in our team of specialists.

Brick & Stone Masonry

The overall costs of brick and stone masonry is an added prestige in itself. This is definitely not a waste of money since it boosts the property's market value. That is not to mention the glamorous and elegant appeal of masonry work. A surface of laid bricks and stones instantly becomes a display of artistry. Thus, a masonry work becomes your style expression. Brick installation and stone installation serve practical purposes, as well as adding high class aesthetics.

Special Spots for Masonry

Concrete slabs are priced per area, but masonry works are priced per piece. That is why only special spots deserve to have special attention. Extra large slates can be used as stepping stones that will lead to a special area like a beautiful pond or a relaxing spa. They are sometimes used as additional fixtures for creating an elegant waterfall.

Brick & Stone Masonry

Heavy-duty brick installation is best for retaining walls. Laying the bricks down can create a solid structure to hold soil and transform the once dangerous area into a special spot for trees, shrubs, flowers, or a viewing deck.

Brick installation is also ideal for sophisticated plant boxes that can be scattered around a large driveway. Plant a large pine tree and complimentary colors of flowers in each box and the large driveway will become instantly appealing.

Arbors and gazebos will become more elegant with added river stone installation. The same surface will transform an otherwise boring walkway into a welcoming royal "carpet." Stone installation on the pool's edges or walls will transform this water feature from being the usual big concrete basin into a natural-looking giant spa.

Reliable Masonry Works of Bryan's

A touch of brick and stone masonry reveals the inner elegance of a lackluster area. Since 1987, our company is a firm believer in the quality of masonry works. We are one of the very few companies in South Carolina that have all the manpower, equipment, tools, and materials needed to complete a stylish transformation in your landscape.

Adding masonry works around the landscape is a very important investment that only a trusted landscaping company like ours should handle. Check out our Portfolio and see some of our featured brick and masonry works.